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2019/10/02 Introduction to GO Azure SDK more
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2019/04/10 Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager; a Tale of Two Applications more
2019/03/28 Unleash the full power of Excel Spreadsheets with Azure Serverless more
2019/02/13 Designing microservices using event modeling: Getting system boundaries and transactions right. more
2019/01/23 Migration of Legacy apps to Modern Applications. Evolution not Revolution. more
2018/11/28 History of .NET more
2018/10/03 .NET Conf 2018 Highlights more
2018/09/19 AppGet Package Manager more
2018/07/11 Scalable real-time web with ASP.NET Core SignalR more
2018/06/27 I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods in C# more
2018/06/02 Build 2018 Vancouver Recap more
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