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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2018/10/17, 6:00 PM [Welcome time 5:45 PM]
Location: Microsoft Office, 1100-1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, V6E 4M3

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Topic: CoreRT

The .NET ecosystem has historically relied on having an available Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. With multiple development scenarios - Windows devices, UWP and now cloud services - demanding high efficiency and small deployment sizes, Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation solutions have become a very viable option.

So far .NET Native has been Microsoft's production-ready pre-compilation tech, supporting direct compilation of Windows apps to native code. In the realm of the experimental, however, the .NET runtime team has been developing CoreRT - a cross-platform open-source AOT compiler (developed at .

In this talk, Andon will dive into the world of pre-compilation. He'll explore the benefits of Ahead-of-Time compilation, why pure AOT with no JIT is extremely difficult to do well, and how .NET can blend multiple code-generation strategies.

Andon will also talk about CoreRT and how it fits into the larger .NET puzzle, what its original targets were and how it's helped pilot and bring runtime features into the mainstream.

Speaker: Andon Andonov

Andon is a software engineer on the .NET Native Core Runtime & Tools Team at Microsoft. Originally Bulgarian, he recently moved to Canada after getting his degree in Computer Science from the Newcastle University in the UK.

When not digging out GC holes or multi-threading bugs, he enjoys everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, mostly enjoying BC's amazing hiking trails and overpaying for coffee.


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