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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2017/09/27, 6:00 PM [Welcome time 5:45 PM]
Location: TBD

Registration: .NET User Group of BC at

Snacks: Pizza & Pop sponsored by TEKsystems

Topic: Using AI to solve the Missing Children's problem

Last year 45,000 children in Canada went missing. Children today are technology natives, harnessing technology to play, share, and learn. With this empowerment comes responsibility, both of parents and of the children themselves. Keeping this in mind developers at //Build continued on a project started with Missing Children Society of Canada and the Calgary police aimed to use technology and social media to help to find missing kids more quickly. Learn how Microsoft and open source technology was instrumental in acquiring information from social media to cut down research time from 30 days to 30 minutes to further aid police in the search for missing children.

Speaker: Nastassia Rashid

Nastassia Rashid

Nastassia is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, where she is focused on teaching and learning about all things Azure and enabling people with the tools they need to build whatever they can dream up. She first discovered her passion for technology at UBC where she majored in Cognitive Systems. Before joining Microsoft she worked as software developer and QA tester at a variety at companies. Nastassia's current obsessions include building bots and playing with cognitive services.


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