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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2017/05/27, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Location: Building SW5, Rooms 1840 & 1850, BCIT Burnaby Campus, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H2

Build 2017 Vancouver

Come learn about some of the topics discussed at the May 10-12 Build 2017 conference.

Presented by .NET BC, Vancouver Azure & Vancouver Windows Platform Developers Group.

Date & Time: Saturday, 2017/05/27, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: Building SW5 Rooms 1840 & 1850, BCIT Burnaby Campus, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H2

Registration: Eventbrite

Three user groups have come together to bring to you this event and therefore we needed a single registration point. Click the registration link in the description if you will be attending.

Microsoft Build is an annual conference for developers filled with strong technical sessions. This meeting will be held two weeks after Microsoft's annual Build 2017 conference, which this year is being held in Seattle, WA May 10-12. Your keen local Microsoft watchers will present to you some highlights of what was covered at the conference right here in Vancouver. Even though we cannot give you exact details about what the actual talks will be, you can expect a very wothwhile manner of spending your Saturday with us. If this turns out to be a success, we plan to hold this event every year right after the Build conference.

Bring your charged laptops with you. Free WIFI will be provided

Please check again with this site for more details about the talks as more information becomes available.

We are thankful to all the speakers who are donating their time on a weekend to make this event a success.

We hope we see you all there! It's going to be an interesting day with an A1 list of speakers armed with all the latest announcements at Build 2017 in Seattle.

Thanks for your patience and understanding of registration process for this event.


Build 2017 Vancouver Event Ticket Until 26 May $20.00
Build 2017 Vancouver - Day of Event Tickets At the door $30.00

Registration fees will go towards covering our expenses for the venue, breakfast and lunch. Any surplus will be donated to a local charity.


Room SW5-1840
Room SW5-1850
8:30 - 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 Opening Keynote with Richard Campbell
10:05 - 11:05 TBA by Anthony Chu Bots and/or AI by Mark Schramm
11:10 - 12:10 DocumentDB or Stream Analytics or Event Hub on Azure by Ash Prasad TBA by Sergii Baidachnyi
12:15 - 13:00 LUNCH
13:00 - 14:00 Service Fabric or Container orchestration by Jef King UWP by Jan Hannemann
14:05 - 15:05 Azure Functions by Siavash Ghassemi ASP.NET Core by Medhat Elmasry
15:10 - 16:10 Cognitive Services by Nastassia Rashid TBA
17:00 - Boston Pizza, 2850 Bentall St, Vancouver, BC V5M 4H4, Canada, +1 604-439-1132
We are looking for a sponsor to cover the cost of beer & snacks at Boston Pizza.


Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell wrote his first line of code in 1977. His career has spanned the computing industry both on the hardware and software sides, development and operations. He was a co-founder of Strangeloop Networks, acquired by Radware in 2013 and was on the board of directors of Telerik which was acquired by Progress Software in 2014. Today he is a consultant and advisor to a number of successful technology firms and is the founder and chairman of Humanitarian Toolbox (, a public charity that builds open source software for disaster relief. Richard is also the host of two podcasts: .NET Rocks! ( which publishes three shows a week to .NET developers and RunAs Radio ( which is a weekly show for IT Professionals. You can reach Richard at

Mark Schramm

Mark Schramm

Mark Schramm, Microsoft MVP, Windows Development. Mark has over Sixty Apps in the Microsoft Store. He develops Windows Apps, Cognitive Services applications and also cross-platform apps. Mark currently is providing coaching and mentoring services to Microsoft's Garage University Interns and managing his own development consulting company.

Anthony Chu

Anthony Chu

Anthony Chu: Anthony has been in web development for 20 years and his current technology stack includes ASP.NET , Angular, Node.js, and Microsoft Azure. He is a system architect at BuildDirect Technologies. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter at @nthonyChu.

Sergii Baidachnyi

Sergii Baidachnyi

Sergii Baidachnyi is a principal developer evangelist at Microsoft. Currently residing in Canada, Sergii is responsible for working with the developer community and promoting client-development tools as a superior mechanism for creating cross-platform business applications.

The author was introduced to the .NET platform circa 2001, and since that time, he has actively participated in a number of .NET projects, developing, managing, and architecting financial, medical, and multimedia applications. At the same time, Sergii led Microsoft IT Academy, where he delivered .NET-related training on C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and so on. He has published articles and reviews in multiple IT-industry magazines and several books on ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms, and Windows 8 Development. His book about Windows 10 development is available on Amazon.

You can read more of Sergii's musings on his blog at You can also catch him attending and speaking at Microsoft events around Canada. Sergii's twitter handle is @sbaidachni.

Ash Prasad

Ash Prasad

Ashish (Ash) Prasad has been developing software for close to 20 years. He currently works as Director of Engineering at DNN Corp. (formerly known as DotNetNuke) from their Langley, BC office. The DNN platform is one of the largest open-source ASP.NET based Content Management System (CMS) around the world. Ash and his team are actively developing on cloud using Azure tools and technologies such as DocumentDB, App Insights, Search, etc. Ash is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies. Ash can be found on twitter at @ashishprasad.

Jef King

Jef King

Jef King is a technical evangelist at Microsoft. Currently working with Microsoft partners across western Canada. Most recently Jef went to Nairobi, Kenya to build a BOT for the largest comic book publisher on the planet. He also, finds a bit of time to work on a game which uses Azure Container Service to handle the high performance workload.

Nastassia Rashid

Nastassia Rashid

Nastassia is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, where she is focused on teaching and learning about all things Azure and enabling people with the tools they need to build whatever they can dream up. She first discovered her passion for technology at UBC where she majored in Cognitive Systems. Before joining Microsoft she worked as software developer and QA tester at a variety at companies. Nastassia's current obsessions include building bots and playing with cognitive services.

Jan Hannemann

Jan Hannemann

Jan Hannemann is a passionate software developer with great expertise for all things .NET. XAML/C# is his weapon of choice. No matter whether it is WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Jan not only believes in beautiful UI and great UX. He also loves sleek and elegant software architecture. If you need help then Bitdisaster is his handle in almost any tech related forum.

As a Microsoft MVP (Windows Development), he shares his knowledge and excitement with the community. He organizes and speaks at user group meetings and hackathons. Jan is ready to assist you with writing the next big app for the Windows platform.

Siavash Ghassemi

Siavash Ghassemi

Sia (Siavash Ghassemi) is a software architect and developer. He is an expert in Microsoft Azure and Xamarin. Since two years he co-organizes the .NET User Group Hamburg together with 3 friends from Hamburg’s developer-community and gives talks and workshops throughout Germany and on community conferences like the Developer Open Space or Spartakiade. As a big fan of such community events he created a Cross-Plattform-App with Xamarin for such events.

On GitHub you can find all the sheets and code samples from his talks and workshops. In his free time he started the startup MyMie with one of his friends, this way he can always use the newest technology and tools to see how useful they are and if so, he uses those in his professional work.

Medhat Elmasry

Medhat Elmasry

Medhat Elmasry was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He obtained his first and second degrees from the UK. He wrote his first commercial computer program in Cobol on an NCR computer that used punched cards in the 80s while working for the "United Nations Economic Commission for Africa" in Addis Ababa. Currently, Medhat is an instructor at BCIT in the Computing department, an independent IT contractor, and a founder of the .NET BC user group in Vancouver, Canada. He is also a regular speaker at user group meetings and technology conferences. Medhat likes to dabble in various technologies pertaining to Web, .NET, Mobile, Cloud and Java spaces. He blogs at

Medhat was awarded MVP status by Microsoft in March 2017 under the category of 'Visual Studio and Development Technologies'.


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