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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2017/05/24, 6:00 PM [Welcome time 5:45 PM]
Location: TBA

Topic: Top 7 technologies you should learn in 2017 as a full stack developer

Full-Stack Web Development, according to the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, is the most popular developer occupation today. A Full-Stack Developer is someone who is comfortable to work on both the front-end and back-end portions of an application. In this session, I will introduce to the most popular technical skills you should learn as a Full-Stack Developer.

  • HTML/CSS – HTML 5, CSS Box Model, CSS Preprocessors, CSS Media Queries and Bootstrap
  • JavaScript - Language features such as functional composition, prototypal inheritance, closures, event delegation, scope, higher-order functions, asynchronous control flow, promises, and callbacks. JS Frameworks such as React JS and Angular JS
  • Back-end API development – ASP.Net Web API, Java Jersey or NodeJS
  • Database – Understanding the benefits of Relational Database, No-SQL Database and In-Memory Database
  • Data Structure and Algorithms – Array, Linked List, Queue, Stack, Hashtable and Tree.
  • Source Control – Git or TFS
  • PowerShell – scripting language for CI and CD

After this session, you will know which technologies you should learn to be a qualified Full-Stack Developer.

Speaker: Tony Shi, Director of Engineering at Lendified Technologies Inc.

Tony Shi

Tony Shi, qualified with both MCSD and MCSE, has been working with the .NET Framework since its first release. With high productivity, good performance, strong problem solving skills and more than 20-year experiences, he led and built many large software systems and applications successfully.

He is good at software architecture with good maintainability, usability, sociability, security and high performance. He specializes in Software design and development with Service-Oriented Architecture in RESTful API, WCF and SOAP web service. He is fluent in Object-Oriented design and development with C# in .NET Framework and Java in J2EE Framework. He is also good at logical and physical data model design with SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and Redis.

He is leading the teams of Dev, QA, DevOps and Data Scientist at Lendified.


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