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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2017/04/12, 6:00 PM [Welcome time 5:45 PM]
Location: iQmetrix, 250 Howe Street - Suite 1210, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3R8

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Topic: JavaScript and The Rise of Functional Programming

There are so many things happening in the front-end world, so many frameworks, libraries, patterns, utilities, and even languages to choose from. It is so easy to get lost given that many choices. But if we look at all of them at a higher level and try to figure out the trend and the direction the whole industry is shifting towards, it might get a little bit easier on our choices. As long as we select something using the trending technology, even if the framework itself might fade away in 2, 3 years, the techniques, concepts and patterns we learn from it will last longer, and it will make us switch to other frameworks easier.

The trend right now is definitely Functional Programming. So in this talk, we will explore some of the benefits we can get writing code in a functional style, and we will look at many popular libraries and see how and how much they embrace the idea of Functional Programming, including React/Redux, Angular 2, RxJS, Cycle, Elm, Ramda….

Speaker: Nan Li

Nan Li

Nan Li started building console games with QBasic under DOS in high school. Nan has since acquired huge interest in programming languages. In his over 20 years programming career, he has used many different languages on different commercial/academic projects, including C, C++, Haskell, Prolog, SQL, VB, Delphi, Java, C# and JavaScript, and he is the author of several programming books on VB and JavaScript. He has a Master Degree of Computer Science from UNSW in Sydney Australia, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. He worked at Microsoft Shanghai before coming to Canada. Nan is now self-employed as a consultant working on several projects using ASP.Net MVC, Nodejs and Angularjs. He is passionate about all programming technologies that encourage better code reuse.


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