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Date & Time: Wednesday, 2016/12/07, 6:00 PM [Welcome time 5:45 PM]
Location: BCIT Downtown Campus - Room 825, 555 Seymour Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3H6

Topic: Connect() 2016 highlights

Registration: Registration at

Snacks & pop: This event is sponsored by Microsoft Canada

The Microsoft Connect() 2016 developer event was held in New York on Nov 16–17, 2016. Some major announcements emerged from the conference. Here are some highlights:

  • Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member
  • Google joining the .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group
  • The availability of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate (RC)
  • The release of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017 RTM
  • The availability of Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview
  • The first release of Visual Studio for Mac Preview
  • SQL Server with Support for Linux and Docker Preview

Three user groups (Windows platform developers, Azure and .NET BC) are coming together to give you a great event There will be 5 separate talks, each 20 minutes long, on the following select topics that emerged from the conference:

Topic Speaker Time Slot
1 Azure ACS (what is it), Docker on ACS, Docker Registry, Kubernettes on ACS, Mesosphere on ACS Jef King 6:00 PM to 6:20 PM
2 VS 2017 Features Mark Schramm 6:20 PM to 6:40 PM
3 Visual Studio for the Mac Yash Manivannan 6:40 PM to 7:00 PM
4 New for web developers in VS 2017/.NET Core/ASP.NET Core 1.1 Medhat Elmasry 7:00 PM to 7:20 PM
5 C# 7.0 Features Sergii Baidachnyi 7:20 PM to 7:40 PM


Sergii Baidachnyi Sergii Baidachnyi

Sergii Baidachnyi is a principal developer evangelist at Microsoft. Currently residing in Canada, Sergii is responsible for working with the developer community and promoting client-development tools as a superior mechanism for creating cross-platform business applications.

The author was introduced to the .NET platform circa 2001, and since that time, he has actively participated in a number of .NET projects, developing, managing, and architecting financial, medical, and multimedia applications. At the same time, Sergii led Microsoft IT Academy, where he delivered .NET-related training on C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and so on. He has published articles and reviews in multiple IT-industry magazines and several books on ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms, and Windows 8 Development. His book about Windows 10 development is available on Amazon.

You can read more of Sergii's musings on his blog at You can also catch him attending and speaking at Microsoft events around Canada. Sergii's twitter handle is @sbaidachni.

Jef King Jef King

Jef King is a technical evangelist at Microsoft. Currently working with Microsoft partners across western Canada. Most recently Jef went to Nairobi, Kenya to build a BOT for the largest comic book publisher on the planet. He also, finds a bit of time to work on a game which uses Azure Container Service to handle the high performance workload.

Mark Schramm Mark Schramm Mark Schramm, Microsoft MVP, Windows Development. Mark has over Sixty Apps in the Microsoft Store. He develops Windows Apps, Cognitive Services applications and for cross-platform apps. Mark currently is providing coaching and mentoring services to Microsoft's Garage Interns and managing his own development consulting company. Mark is the organizer for the Vancouver Windows Platform Developer Group.
Yash Manivannan Yash Manivannan Yash Manivannan is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada based in Vancouver. He has been a part of the Microsoft Student Partner program since 2013, working with students and faculty teaching them about various Microsoft Technologies. He obtained his first diploma in web designing when he was thirteen and has continued to stay updated in areas such as cloud computing, data sciences etc., He takes pride in being an Azure expert and loves to inspire fellow learners through interesting stories.
Medhat Elmasry Medhat Elmasry

Medhat Elmasry was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He obtained his first and second degrees from the UK. He wrote his first commercial computer program in Cobol on an NCR computer that used punched cards in the 80s while working for the "United Nations Economic Commission for Africa" in Addis Ababa. Currently, Medhat is an instructor at BCIT in the Computing department, an independent IT contractor, and a founder of the .NET BC user group in Vancouver, Canada. He is also a regular speaker at user group meetings and technology conferences. Medhat likes to dabble in various technologies pertaining to Web, .NET, Mobile, Cloud and Java spaces. He blogs at


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